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John Cottrell
15 Pitsfield
Welwyn Garden City
Herts, AL8 7SJ
United Kingdom
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From good to great

After putting in the hard work into their business, many senior executives and business owners don’t always get the results they would really like. They get good results, but not great results. They are too busy running the day-to-day business to see its true profit potential.

A good business coach is the guiding hand, the clear head space, that lifts you to real success above just having a busy job in a good business. Many clients admit they don’t know why it took so long to realise they needed help — so obvious in hindsight.

Perhaps the best way to look at it is by comparing it to sport. Elite athletes don’t need help to play the game. They’re already really good. To become real champions though, they need to become open-minded about learning, they need to make the correct decisions under pressure and they need to put in the hard work to take them to the top of their game. This is where their coaching teams come in. Top business people are exactly the same, surrounded by the best advisors to get the best outcome.

Unbeaten results – building a profitable business running smoothly without you

We guide you through a time-tested system that builds a commercial, profitable enterprise that runs itself without you. Nowhere in the world has there been a business where this system has not worked — or its results beaten.

We enhance your expertise in profit improvement, cash flow, time management, team building, marketing, sales, training, business planning and leadership development — and make these work in your business.

Guiding hand, growing your business, multiplying your wealth

John Cottrell is an exceptionally experienced business coach with an in-depth understanding of businesses both large and small. With a business career spanning nearly 30 years, working and living in many different countries, in a wide variety of industries, there’s not much that John hasn’t seen before. 

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