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Why you need a Coach

because, as they say in Golf, "you can't see your own swing"

because you can't share with direct reports

because you can't bother the other directors

because you need an objective sounding board who has been there

because what got you here, won't get you there

because the gaps between winning and losing are getting smaller

because you want to be and do your best

because you want to realise your full potential

...just because

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Who is John Cottrell

Apparently I have an unusual background for an Actioncoach. Throughout my career I have really only ever played three roles: consultant/problem solver; leader; and coach. I started my professional life as an engineer learning statistical process control and quickly became interested in Lean and 6 Sigma in the days when they were called JIT and Total Quality. Theory of Constraints also played a major part in my early career, and Tom Peters, through his books, was my mentor. Over the years I realised that "things" could be fixed relatively easily. People were the real key to getting things done.

I've played a part in some big transformation projects for ATKearney at General Motors turning ACG into Delphi, for BG Group as the consultant lead on the Supply Chain project, facilitating live 250 person forums, to save £1BN - which they did save! I've worked in many different countries and industries, mostly in situations where the conventional wisdom says "it" can't be done.

I've applied the same techniques and learnings as a senior line manager too, to transform the performance of the organisations for whom I worked. But, in solving other people's problems, I had created one for myself - never being at home. To solve that problem, I hired a coach myself and started to examine my options. I realised that jobs were out. At my level, I would just be on the next plane to somewhere I didn't want to go. The solution arrived in the form of Actioncoach. Now, the only time I fly is to go on holiday.

Formally, I've been coaching for over eight years now, but prior to Actioncoach, clients had said they liked my coaching. I asked them what they meant. They said that I didn't do the work for their people, but helped them learn how to do it for themselves. This left their people really owning their situation and being motivated to improve results. All that has changed since then is that I am better at asking questions and I have the proven Actioncoach framework through which to deploy all my other knowledge.

My learning journey hasn't finished though. I'm learning now more than ever. Both my mentor, for marketing, and my coach, for mindset, are several years younger than me. I benefit from both their expertise and from their different perspectives on the world.

If you are wondering whether coaching might be the missing ingredient in your business, call me for a 10 minute chat, or come and meet my clients at one of my quarterly events.